Norwegian Passport Collections

ADULT PASSPORT COLLECTIONS: * Please bring your old passport, even if expired. This will need to be cancelled in advance of handing out the new document. * **Passports must not be more than 3 months expired at the time of collection. If so, additional official valid photo ID required.** Passports must be collected by the applicant in person. CHILD PASSPORT COLLECTIONS: * Please bring child's old passport, even if expired. This will need to be cancelled in advance of handing out the new document. * The parent making the collection must also bring their valid passport as proof of ID.

Norwegian Personal ID Number

**Please be advised that personal number applications will now be handled by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pretoria.** To schedule an appointment at the Embassy, please send an email to []( Remember to include the Norwegian personal number of the Norwegian parent(s). The embassy is open for personal number appointments on Wednesdays and Fridays by appointment only. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: * [](

Norwegian Passport Applications

**As of the 1st of June, 2021 Norwegian honorary consulates, including the consulate in Cape Town, are no longer able to accept passport applications for children.** This is due to new passport regulations introduced by the Norwegian Directorate of Police, with stricter requirements for ID control and biometry. As of the 1st of June, all Norwegians, regardless of age, will have to apply for their passports in person at the embassy in Pretoria. ​ To schedule an appointment at the embassy, please send an email with a copy of your current Norwegian passport and your South African entry visa/residence permit to []( Should you have dual nationality, please send a copy of your South African passport ID page. In order to apply for a Norwegian passport you need to have a Norwegian personal number (ID number). If you do not have a personal number, you must apply for this before lodging a passport application. Applicants based in Cape Town can arrange to have their new passports sent to the consulate in Cape Town for collection. Any emergency passport requests should be sent to the consular section at the embassy. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: *

Norwegian Emergency Passport (Adopted Child)

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR THE APPOINTMENT: * Registrar of Adoptions Covering Letter * Unabridged, Full or Abridged Birth Certificate with apostille from DIRCO * Order of Inter-Country Adoption document with apostille from DIRCO * Confirmation of Adoption from the Magistrate’s Court (no apostille required) * Certificate of Conformity of Inter-country Adoption with apostille from DIRCO * Valid flight details for return journey (child & parents) * [3 x colour passport photos](, white background, size 45mmx35mm (no teeth showing/smiling) * Both parents' original passports * The emergency passport application fee as per the Embassy in Pretoria''s website. * R370 courier fee to be paid in cash/by card at the appointment Please ensure that all the relevant documents are in order complete with an apostille from DIRCO in advance of the appointment. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: * [](

Retention of Norwegian Citizenship

**Please be advised that the application is to be made through the UDI's application portal.** All relevant documentation is now to be submitted in person to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pretoria. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:

Norwegian Parental Consent

**Please note that the consulate in Cape Town no longer assists with the submissions of parental consent for Norwegian passports.** Please contact the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pretoria by email with your request for an appointment at: FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:

Registration of Marriage with Skatteetaten

**Please be advised that the consulate is not involved in marriage registration applications and that applicants will need to deal with Skatteetaten directly.** See [Skatteetaten's website]( for further information. Certified copies of the relevant documents can be made at the consulate for a [fee]( Please send scans of the documents in advance of the appointment. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR THE APPOINTMENT: Please confirm the list of required documents with Skatteetaten directly by calling: [​+ 47 22 07 70 00](+ 47 22 07 70 00) All applications and supporting documents are to be sent directly to Skatteetaten by mail. See the address below: **Skatteetaten P.O.Box 9200 - Grønland 0134 OSLO Norway.** Should you wish to use a courier service, be sure to contact Skatteetaten directly for a street delivery address. NOTE: Original unabridged marriage certificates will need to be legalised with an apostille from DIRCO in Pretoria before they can be used to register marriages in Norway. Confirmation of marriages registered with Skatteetaten/Folkeregisteret will be required before applying for a personal ID number for children born outside of Norway. OTHER RELEVANT LINKS: * []( * ["](

Norwegian Certifications/Notarial Acts

**Please be advised that the consulate offers limited notarial services. With that in mind, email** []( **in advance of making an appointment.** Please include information regarding the service required and scans of the relevant documents or forms. There is a fee associated with this service which can be paid either in cash or by card at the appointment. See the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pretoria's [fee chart]( for details.

Norwegian Drivers Licence Application

**Please be advised that the Consulate does not deal with drivers licence applications.** For information regarding lost or stolen licences please see the link below: [](

General Collections

Please use this option for collections of the following documents: * UDI decisions * NAV decisions * certified documents * citizenship retention decisions REQUIRED FOR THE COLLECTION: * Valid passport

Norwegian Emergency Passport Collections

ADULT EMERGENCY PASSPORT COLLECTIONS: * Valid official photo ID if available. CHILD EMERGENCY PASSPORT COLLECTIONS: * The parent making the collection must bring their valid passport/ID document as proof of identification.